The Roadmap to a Chip-producing and Future-proof Canadian Economy

For the past year, the global chip shortage has dominated headlines in Canada and around the world. As much as we’d like to put the resulting supply chain disruptions and economic costs behind us, experts predict the shortage will last well into 2023. 

Semiconductors are in such high demand because they underpin virtually all technology, from household appliances to electric vehicles (EVs), agritech, quantum computing, renewable energy, medtech, and AI. In other words, if there’s a modern technology that we rely on, it relies on chips. And the smarter these technologies become, the greater our need for chips. So what can be done in the short-term to address our urgent need for these critically-important semiconductors, and how can we build towards a more resilient Canadian economy of the future? 

Read the full article at The Future Economy.

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