We are a national industry association dedicated to accelerating the growth and development of Canada's semiconductor sector.


  • Drive consensus on a national strategy for sustained growth of the semiconductor sector, as an engine for Canadian economic growth, and as a key enabler of other industry sectors.

  • Work out priorities, issues and opportunities, and create and implement programs for Canada's semiconductor sector.

  • Provide focused networking opportunities for informal knowledge sharing and collaboration among members.


Roadmap to 2050: Canada's Semiconductor Action Plan

Read the report and action plan published by the Council, laying out short, medium, and long-term recommendations to build Canada's semi-conductor industry. The Council interviewed 100+ stakeholders across Canada to gain data- driven insights that inform the action plan and recommendations.



"Canada's Semiconductor Council will play an important role in boosting exports and increasing Canada's competitiveness in both traditional and innovative sectors. While we work towards a strong economic recovery, we also want to ensure Canada's long-term economic competitiveness and growth. To do this, we recognize the importance of investing in our domestic semiconductor industry, which is key to so many technologies at the heart of our future economy-from artificial intelligence to quantum computing to green energy to everything in between."

Hon. Mary Ng Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business & Economic Development

“Canada has a choice to make: we either seize the incredible opportunity before us, or stick with a status quo that's no longer working. When it comes to building an innovative, nationally integrated tech ecosystem with the potential to bring in significant investments and create transformational careers for a new generation of Canadians, you need to think big. In the ultra competitive and critical semiconductor sector, nobody is going to invite us to the table — we need to be bold and own the podium.”

Melissa Chee President and CEO, ventureLAB

“One of the biggest hurdles facing Canada’s domestic hardware and semiconductor companies is the lack of access to venture capital. As a result, many technology founders are forced to seek foreign capital, often resulting in early exits at low values to foreign ownership. This unfortunate outcome is a waste of the years-long investment we put into our technology students, as well as a major blow to our economy. The launch of Canada’s Semiconductor Council is a significant step towards closing the gap to capital for Canadian technology companies, and a necessary measure to attract the billions of dollars in global investment that come with a thriving semiconductor sector.”

Salim Teja Partner, Radical Ventures